Wigglesbottom Primary Dino Chick


Miss Riley’s are delighted when eggs are placed in their classroom incubator. However, when one egg changes colour and displays odd markings the rumour mill begins… Could this be a Wigglesbottom Primary Dino Chick? Thereafter, when the other chicks hatch and the wait for the Dinochick continues, worries grow. They are a fever pitch when the first crack on the shell appears and then a tooth erupts from the shell!

There’s further excitement in the second story of this superb addition to a beloved series for newer, less confident readers. A new pupil to Miss Riley’s class becomes a target of attention. Everyone wants to show her the school so desperately that the landmarks become ever more daring until the group ventures into the staffroom, the staff toilet and then….

There is drama when Miss Hope is found crying at the fate of the school library. What can Miss Riley’s class do to avert its closure? When this Wigglesbottom Primary class have the bit between their teeth it seems nothing is off limits!

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Wigglesbottom Primary Dino Chick

Pamela Butchart, illustrated by Becka Moor

(Nosy Crow)

The Wigglesbottom Primary Dino Chick looks a little different from the other eggs in the incubator. For starters it is a different colour and then it has wavy lines upon its shell. What’s more it doesn’t crack open when the other eggs do. Then a tooth seems to show when it does ‘wobble and crack’. Although Miss Riley tries to control her gasps and the class’s too, it’s a scary moment. It seems to need the class to ‘hold hands around the incubator to support each other because this was serious’.
The opening story of this welcome addition to a beloved school series is such a breath of ridiculous, melodramatic air. We love Miss Riley’s class of mischievous, meddling and overly fantastic pupils. After all Wigglesbottom Primary Break-time Bunnies and Wigglesbottom Primary The Magic Hamster offered a range of daring and very funny adventures. Dino Chick is no exception to the rule!
Therefore, we’re intrigued, along with the rest of the class, when a new girl appears. It seems everyone is keen to be the friend who shows her about, which leads to ever more dangerous inclusions on the route, even…’the out of bounds staff room’! Thereafter, what might the class do when they find Miss Hope, the school librarian, upset? It seems there’s bad news.
Bookwagon recommends Wigglesbottom Primary Dino Chick and the other books in this series highly to new and less confident readers. There’s fun, wild adventure, glorious illustrations and real engagement to be had!


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