Wigglesbottom Primary The Magic Hamster


Further drama and mayhem from Miss Riley’s class. Is Sunita really turning into a fly, or maybe a frog? She’s green, she’s clammy, she’s sticking her tongue out AND she swallowed a really big fly. Then there’s Theo whose bag is beeping and making him behave peculiarly. Miss Riley knows what’s happening, but the class is fairly sure he’s turning into a robot. Their hamster seems to hypnotise whoever looks after him too. It’s all mischief and wonder in this class!

We love these early chapter books that are funny, engaging and slightly bonkers. Certainly, readers will recognise their classrooms, their classmates and the potential drama the writer shares. We recommend ‘Wigglesbottom Primary The Magic Hamster’, and others in the series, to readers who would make the most of such riotous reading opportunity!

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Wigglesbottom Primary

The Magic Hamster

Pamela Butchart, illustrated by Becka Moor

(Nosy Crow)

Wigglesbottom Primary The Magic Hamster’ is such a fun-filled, classroom recognisable chapter book. There’s excitement when Sunita is turning into a fly! Theo’s bag is beeping. It’s all happening in Miss Riley’s class!


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