Wigglesbottom Primary: The Pirate Cat


Sunita doubts the story about The Pirate Cat. However we’ve seen it too. It’s walking along the beach, wearing an eye patch and carrying a packet of crisps. Who heard of cats doing this? Then again, who heard of cats liking water which this one does, seemingly!

Then again, how can Miles reach Miss Riley’s hidden glitters, suddenly. After all, they’re right above the top of the cupboard. When you come to look again, it’s obvious that Miles is growing. However it doesn’t seem to be ordinary, for he’s bursting out of his clothes and shoes! What is happening?  Just look at his shoes, and then at the fact he can…. touch the top of the basketball hoop!

While 2R are overjoyed at being invited to attend the Halloween disco, there are rumours about the event being haunted. What’s more, there’s evidence everywhere. Look at the ghost slime! What is the class to do? They certainly can’t turn to the DJ!

Bookwagon loves the chaos and mayhem and laugh out loud imagination of the Wigglesbottom Primary series. We are so happy to welcome aboard Wigglesbottom Primary: The Pirate Cat.

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Wigglesbottom Primary: The Pirate Cat

Pamela Butchart and Becka Moor

(Nosy Crow)

It seems that Class 2R of Wigglesbottom Primary has won a day at the beach. However, it’s not the sort of day they’d planned, for this is a rubbish clearing day. It’s complete with ‘sticks with grabber bits‘. However, imagine if you spotted The Pirate Cat? This cat’s carrying a crisp bag and wears an eye patch. What’s more it seems to like water! What’s the truth here? Will Sunita believe it, anyway?
Then again, why is Miles growing so extraordinarily quickly? It’s not only his feet, which threaten to burst out of his shoes, but his height too. In fact, he can even reach to collect the glitter Miss Riley bans from 2R. However might it all become rather too scary for Miles? Could it be that he might be growing ‘too fast’ just like Megan McNally suggests?
Finally, we share 2R’s joy at being invited to attend the Halloween disco. However, it seems Year 4 has some sticky, tricky stuff up their sleeves. Then again, who is the DJ…. really?
Pamela Butchart delights her readers with these accessible, highly original and truly funny stories. We’ve loved every single visit, including our most recent, The Sports Day Chicken. Thereafter, we’re delighted to welcome aboard, Wigglesbottom Primary: The Pirate Cat. 


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