Wigglesbottom Primary The Shark In The Pool


Joel Jack’s bite is definitely a shark’s bite, or maybe a piranha’s, but it’s certainly keeping Miss Riley’s class out of the pool. When Gavin Ross finds a bone in the school vegetable patch, the children know they’re destined to become famous for discovering the biggest dinosaur; they’ll pursue this even if it means a hundred detentions! 

Pamela Butchart captures the excitement of discovery again in this funny chapter book, another of the Wigglesbottom Primary series. We recommend ‘Wigglesbottom Primary Shark in the Pool’ as ideal fare for new readers, who love funny stories, school stories, and are building their pleasure in reading.


Wigglesbottom Primary

The Shark In The Pool

Pamela Butchart, illustrated by Becka Moore

(Nosy Crow)

Miss Riley’s class return with further drama, hysterics and fun. ‘The Shark in The Pool’ is great for newer readers, or more, to chuckle over and enjoy!


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