Wigglesbottom Primary: The Talking Lamb


We return on the day that Wigglesbottom Primary are journeying to the farm. While everyone is excited about the animals they’ll see, it seems each successive creature wins the vote for the most beloved. Not only are there glasses-wearing llamas (it seems), but a record-breaking guinea pig, before the bearded goats. However it’s at lunchtime that the children encounter the Talking Lamb. They all hear it ask for an ice-cream and then to open the gate. Yet will they oblige?

Will the class believe Year 6 that they’ve a wildcat in a big box to take care of? It seems that once Year 6 leaves for their senior schools it’s the class’s responsibility to feed for this monster. Yet what is in the box really?

Then again, what does new art teacher, Dev, mean with her instruction to ‘paint off the paper‘? Although she’s in a meditative trance, it seems that painted frogs on curtains and then a living bicycle work of art might be a step too far for the Headteacher. However, might there be something of interest in the class’s creation?

Bookwagon loves Pamela Butchart’s  Wigglesbottom Primary series. Therefore, we are overjoyed to welcome the latest title in the series, The Talking Lamb, constituting three chapter stories all brought to glorious life through Becka Moor’s uproarious, exaggerated illustrations.

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Wigglesbottom Primary: The Talking Lamb

Pamela Butchart, illustrated by Becka Moor

(Nosy Crow)

We return to Miss Riley’s class with Wigglesbottom Primary: The Talking Lamb. It seems there’s the joy of a journey to the farm to open. What’s more there are animals to pet, from llamas that look as though they’re wearing glasses, to obsessive guinea pigs. However what of lambs that ask for ice cream? Is it possible? Then again, what if a lamb’s request turns to ‘Open the Gate. Open the Gate’? What would you do?
There are two further stories, thereafter. It seems there’s a new art teacher who invites the class to ‘Paint. Paint your passion. Paint off the paper‘. Although it’s a little confusing might it be that Joel’s passion for his bike becomes a ‘living’ work of art? What’s more, might its life include a whole class collaboration and the carpet? Then again is it true that there’s a Wild Cat inside the big box in the store room? it seems that Year 6, about to leave the school forever, have entrusted this secret to the class. Yet might it be true? Really?
Pamela Butchart creates such entertaining, school- realistic melodramatic stories that are so enjoyable. Bookwagon loves the Wigglesbottom Primary series, including titles such as Wigglesbottom Primary Dino Chick. What’s more, the illustrations from Becka Moor are a wide-eyed delight. They elevate the drama and potential magnificently! Bookwagon recommends Wigglesbottom Primary: The Talking Lamb to our readers. While it is an ideal title for readers growing in confidence, it is a great choice for anyone.


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