Wild Animals of the South


Dieter Braun’s masterly ‘Wild Animals of the South‘ is the companion to his first title, Wild Animals of the North. Like that book, this examines wild animals scrupulously. Each selected creature is given a double page spread, and occasionally appears in a double page picture compilation with other selected creatures. Some animals only appear in picture form, e.g., okapi. More populous, better known animals have a double- page spread, picture and some description of their lifestyle, characteristics and behaviour. Every creature is accorded its Latin name.

Dieter Braun’s strong, Braque style painted pictures, emphasise the strength of his subject knowledge. Somehow, they suggest the importance of the animals, their magnificence, role and lives, without humankind.

Wild Animals of the South‘ is an essential information title. It commands attention, is interesting, informative and very readable. It does not offer statistics on numbers/ population, but offers other facts that are less unpredictable. We recommend this wonderful reference book for schools and homes.


Wild Animals of the South

Dieter Braun

(Flying Eye Books) – hardback

With bold Cubist pictures and crisp, essential information, Dieter Braun has constructed an essential reference book for children. ‘Wild Animals of the South‘ describes and shows a huge range of animals living in the southern hemisphere. It offers bold, proud and knowledgeable facts. Bookwagon recommends this outstanding title to readers at school and home as an information book that will last for years.


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