Wild Child


Dara McAnulty encourages young naturalists to take note and be aware of what is around them. Through becoming a Wild Child, beginning with looking above, through your window, you have a world to explore.

There are coal tits and blackbirds outside the window, and a raft of other birds, that Dara McAnulty assigns to their relevant collective nouns.

Then by stepping a little further, we might explore the garden from wood lice- related to seaside crustaceans- to earth worms. Alongside facts about each discover, the writer offers stories from folklore and fairy folk.

Then there are practical tasks, such as making a terrarium, or a birdseed and lard covered bird feeder.

The explorations continue into the river, with caddis fly and frogs, to uplands, where we watch the harrier hawks dance and dive.

Dara McAnulty is able to persuade and entice so that we are informed and inspired. Furthermore, the art work in this majestic non-fiction picture book is quite exceptional. Barry Falls’ pictures are breathtaking.

Wild Child merits a leading  part on bookshelves at home and school, to be gifted and treasured. Bookwagon loves this outstanding book.

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Wild Child

A Journey Through Nature

Dara McAnulty, illustrated by Barry Falls

We begin the journey of Wild Child at home, looking through the ‘windows of the world’. It seems there is a wealth to discover close at hand, from blackbirds to goldfinches. Furthermore, Dara McAnulty describes the birds we might see, alongside sharing their curious collective nouns. There’s an easy bird feeder to create, with a loo roll, birdseed and lard, also!
Thereafter, we explore a little further, stepping into the garden to investigate mini beasts and wildflowers. There are instructions as to how to build a terrarium also.
Further explorations and explanations continue in the woods, where we consider a range of trees. We learn about the community that lives upon and benefits from the oak tree. Thereafter, we take a journey stick and wander upland. Did you know that the painted lady butterfly’s migration from North Africa is completed through six generations?
Wild Child follows the multi award winning Diary of a Young Naturalist. However, in this picture book, Dara McAnulty, seeks to inspire younger generations with his knowledge and love of nature. Therefore, Wild Child treks from home to hills, with constant encouragement. Alongside practical tips, we read of stories from folklore.
Dara McAnulty’s text is magical, inspiring and glorious. Furthermore, it is enhanced by Barry Falls heart- lifting illustrations.  Bookwagon loves and recommends Wild Child hugely, for home, schools, gifting and to treasure.


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