Wild in the Streets


We know of pigeons, ‘ancient and adaptable birds‘ that thrive in cities around the world. Yet do you know of the peregrine falcons, reintroduced into cities such as New York, that hunt pigeons? What of the hand or mouth-to-mouth fed hyenas that live in Harar, Ethiopia? Possibly you know of the community of river crabs that live beneath the ruins of Emperor Trajan’s Roman forum?

Marilyn Singer describes each in a poem, of different form and theme. Furthermore, every urban animal selected for Wild in the Streets is described in fascinating, informative detail. Each creature is included across a double page with glorious, watercolour pictures by Gordy Wright.

Wild in the Streets is such a satisfying read. There are so many moments that make a reader want to share and reread and ponder upon. This title would make an ideal addition to a home bookshelf, and class library selection.

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Wild in the Streets

20 Poems of City Animals

Marilyn Singer

Illustrated by Gordy Wright

(Words & Pictures)– hardback

Wild in the Streets presents poetry and information about animals that live in our urban areas. What are these creatures and how do they survive? Furthermore, what do they seek from our cities? Poet Marilyn Singer takes us on a global journey. In Chicago, coyotes thrive ‘where, several years ago, sixty- were fitted with radio collars to track their movements’. They may ‘hop on trains‘! Residents are advised to take special care of their domestic pets! Meanwhile in Singapore, rats, cats and birds lure reticulated pythons along canal and drain systems that ‘replaced the rivers along which the pythons once travelled in search of food‘. Therefore, residents hope that those captured and returned to nature reserves remain there!
However, residents of Munster, France, have encouraged the white storks to return during spring, working hard to overcome the reasons for their sharp decline. Scientists and residents of Vancouver, meanwhile, investigate reasons for the decline in honeybee numbers.
LIke Hello Hello or Wild World, Wild in the Streets is a call to attend to our animals. Furthermore, each creature’s introduction includes a superb poem. While there’s a rhyming poem to the wild boars of Berlin, there’s an acrostic poem for the peregrine falcons of New York. Moreover, Information about every creature is thoroughly researched and fascinating.
This is a quality book with dense matte pages and beautiful pictures from Gordy Wright reminiscent in style to Mark Hearld’s within Nicola Davies’ A First Book of Nature. What a beautiful book!


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