Wild World


Within the ‘Wild World‘ exist Prairie Lands, now ‘precious and few’. They are threatened, like the fragile ice floes of the Arctic, or the shy Woodland. Angela McAllister takes a sweeping gaze across our planet, describing its intricate habitats, flora and fauna, acknowledging the wonder of and threat to each.

Angela McAllister’s wise, empathetic and admiring lyrics, are accompanied by magnificent pictures by Hvass & Hannibal. These are pictures to linger over. They are lush, respectful and nostalgic.

Wild World‘ surprised me. It is a rich, glorious paean to our planet, a cry to the threat of climate change, exploitation and disaster. This is a book for every home and classroom. It is a ‘forever’ title to be loved and realised.


Wild World

illustrated by Hvass & Hannibal, written by Angela McAllister

(Wide Eyed)

Readers journey through the ‘Wild World’ in verse and glorious pictures. The ‘Wild World‘ isendangered! All is changing. Watch for glimpses of sunlight in the rainforest, be aware of the fractured Arctic floes. ‘Wild World‘ is a spectacular paean to nature and existence. It is a call to action and responsibility.


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