Winnie’s Great War


Winnie’s Great War’ is the story of the orphaned black bear cub who became the most famous bear in history. Sold for $20.00 by the trapper who killed her mother, Winnie becomes mascot to the Winnipeg veterinary corps. It is responsible for cavalry horses on the battle fields of France. Lieutenant Harry Colebourn has a deep affinity with animals. He recognises something special in the little bear cub. He determines she needs a chance. So do the troops of the Great War with whom he works.

From White River to Valcartier, Stonehenge to Regents’ Park Zoo, we journey with Winnie in ‘Winnie’s Great War’. This is a fascinating, true account, elaborated by the little bear’s ‘conversations’ and ‘observations’. Bookwagon is proud of this historical discovery, and looks forward to sharing it with our readers.

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Winnie’s Great War

Lindsay Mattick & Josh Greenhut, art by Sophie Blackall


Do you know the story of Winnie-the-Pooh? No, not that one! The real story? The orphaned black bear cub, bought from a trapper for $20.00 Canadian, on the White River railway station platform? Lieutenant Harry Colebourn hails from Winnipeg. He is en route to Valcartier with the rest of the veterinary corps charged with looking after the WW1 cavalry horses. Winnie, for that is what he names the bear cub, will become troop mascot. Read the story of ‘Winnie’s Great War’ and how Christopher Robin enters her life in this fascinating history.


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