Winter Sleep


Grannie Sylvie shares the names of flowers and show’s a ‘deer’s hoof print‘ in summer. It seems as though it’s a world alive with promise and wonder. Yet when we return it’s winter. Although we might hope to go to ‘the secret glade‘ again, it is difficult to find. Thereafter, we wonder if there is anything ‘alive in winter’.

Yet Grannie Sylvie assures us it is, but much of the world, from bats, to insects, dormice, fish and frogs, is deep within a Winter Sleep. She explains how much of the natural world feeds and prepares over the spring and summer and thereafter settles, still and silent, breathing slowly through the winter.

As Grannie Sylvie tucks us in for a winter sleep, this superb picture book continues to explain hibernation with scientific facts and examples.

Bookwagon recommends this accessible, intriguing and beautifully presented title. Winter Sleep is a glorious book that we are proud to sell.

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Winter Sleep

A Hibernation Story

Sean Taylor & Alex Morss, illustrated by Cinyee Chiu

(Words & Pictures)

In spring Grannie Sylvie helps her grandson listen ‘for songs of different birds’. Thereafter there are flowers to name, ponds to splash around, mossy slopes to climb. Yet a visit in winter is different. It seems as though everything is frozen as though in a Winter Sleep. There are ‘no butterflies. No flowers. No birds’. 
Can it be that Grannie Sylvie can share the hidden magic? What of the dormouse that proved so wonderful in summer? Might her feast of ‘forest nuts, fruit and insects‘ and then her ‘nest ball’ protect her, ‘secretly snoring‘ until the ‘spring sun warms her body again’? What more might there be to discover? It seems that the world is hiding and waiting for discovery. Somehow, there is magic to be realised, yet left undisturbed.
Like Sleep: How Nature Gets its Rest, Winter Sleep is a journey into the hidden world of nature. Grannie Sylvie is our guide through animals, plants and insects, hidden by the season. Furthermore, her story extends into a nature investigation that offers more for young scientists.
Winter Sleep is a gift of a story, perfect for reading, wondering upon and then appreciating. Bookwagon is proud to share and recommend this beautiful non-fiction picture book.


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