Wisp‘ appears to Idris who lives in ‘a world full of people, where everyone is alone.’ It is a world of shadows, fences, tents and greyness. ‘Wisp‘ offers Idris the ‘smallest whisper of want’. What does Idris want? What will he do with ‘Wisp’?

What will his companions do with ‘Wisp‘? It invites each something different. A memory, a song, a story, happiness… hope.

For each of them, ‘Wisp’ suggests a ‘once’, a ‘someday’, a promise of something beyond their confines.

Zana Fraillon’s poetic, moving prose is amplified by the glorious, moonlit hues and suggestive shapes and comparisons erupting from Grahame Baker-Smith’s pictures. I love this book. ‘Wisp’ is moving, sad, and substantial.

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Zana Fraillon and Grahame Baker-Smith


Idris is trapped in a world of fences, tents and shadows. Where is hope? What will happen to Idris when ‘Wisp‘ appears? What is the meaning of ‘Wisp‘? Watch it, pass it on! Where will it go? What will ‘Wisp‘ unlock?


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