Fred Wizard in Training 1


Fred Wizard in Training 1′-  the ultimate contest! Yet, is it? Fred isn’t even capable of making toast! He’s a complete failure as a wizard, a disappointment to his parents and a laughing stock to his brothers and sisters and wizard school classmates.

Somehow, the poster advertising a do or die opportunity to return from an encounter with the fierce lizard at Death’s Door compels Fred. What does he have to lose? He packs a motley collection of items for his attempt and heads off.

What might happen should Fred chance upon the lizard, or worse, the lizard chance upon Fred? The dangers are clearly stated on the small print of the competition! However a prize that means an opportunity to meet Merlin? The opportunity to stand tall amongst his family and peers? Fred steps forth, the smell of toast burning left behind.

‘Fred Wizard in Training 1’ is a brave introduction to a new chapter book series by Bookwagon picture book favourite, Simon Philip. We welcome the clear message, charming friendships, delightful lead character, and enjoyably wandering text. What’s in store for Fred? Can he be the champion who returns with the lizard’s tail?


Fred Wizard in Training 1

Simon Philip, illustrated by Sheena Dempsey

(Simon & Schuster)

Fred is the exception to the rule. His family and school mates excel at wizarding. Not Fred! He can manage passable wand work when washing up or banishing worms. Yet in all other instances he’s a failure. No wonder he’s mocked by his brothers and sisters. Only his daily catch ups with wizarding genius friend, Marvin, offer relief.
When Fred spies a competition that offers a meeting with Merlin to the prize winner something snaps. What does he have to lose?‘Fred Wizard in Training 1’, a competition between a fierce, skin- on- the- elbow attacking lizard, and a boy who is a danger to toast!


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