Wizarding for Beginners


‘Wizarding for Beginners‘ is Dave the dragon/ knight’s latest guide book. He needs it as he disguises himself as a wizard to enter the Guild of Wizards with Albrecht. They are seeking Terrence the Terrible, who empowered Albrecht with the gift of speech. It appears he has done the same thing to many other animals too, yet his motives are unclear.

There are many rules in ‘Wizarding for Beginners’ from banning girls, to lights out time,  to who might sit on a stool at the dinner table. Why are there so many rules? How will Dave manage when he has only one magic trick?

Elys Dolan has created a truly funny early chapter books in ‘Wizarding for Beginners’ and its prequel, Knighthood for Beginners. There are so many asides, bizarre characters and clever interludes amongst crafty word play. Meanwhile, Dave and Albrecht’s relationship is a joy!

Bookwagon looks forward to the next instalment from this cultured duo. While we wait for this, we wish Dave successful magic practice, uninterrupted book group meetings, and Albrecht many opportunities to share his autobiography.


Wizarding for Beginners

Elys Dolan

(Oxford University Press)

‘Wizarding for Beginners‘ opens with Albrecht receiving a postcard from his relatives. ‘Bah bah bah bah bah.’ it reads. Sadly, Albrecht can no longer speak goat. Terrence the Terrible empowered Albrecht with the power of speech. Why? Dave and Albrecht are off to the Guild of Wizards…


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