Wolf and Dog

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‘Wolf and Dog’ are cousins. Although they may both carry fleas, only one of them is bothered. One of them is scared of the Boss. One of them can read. One of them likes rhyming. One of them can bark. One of them lies and steals.  One of them can outwit the other.

‘Wolf and Dog’ absorbs readers because of the two characters’ differences and complex relationship. The author has not anthropomorphised them, but used their animal characteristics in her storytelling.

The text is simple with short sentences, repetition, and chapters that build upon past events and incidents. This is intelligent writing for younger readers. The writer and illustrator deserve the international acclaim this book has received.


Wolf and Dog

Sylvia Vanden Heede, illustrated by Marije Tolman

(Gecko Press)

‘Wolf and Dog’ is a curious tale. The pair are competitive and compare their behaviour and habits. One has fleas,  one can read.Facts, anecdotes and uneasy humour collide in a fascinating tale of an unsettling canine relationship.


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