Wolfie the Bunny


‘He’s going to eat us all up!’ cries Dot about her new baby brother. Yet Mama and Papa Bunny are smitten by  ‘Wolfie the Bunny‘. They feed him carrots and watch him sleep. Dot and her friends choose to play away from him. ‘He’s going to eat us all up!’

‘Wolfie the Bunny’ becomes attached to Dot, and carrots. Dot’s on guard. She has to be when there’s a potential menace tracking her and living in her household. What happens when danger strikes?

Ame Dyckman and Zachariah OHora are Bookwagon favourites. We love their titles Read the Book, Lemmings! and Horrible Bear. The anarchic humour, bold illustrations and enthusiastic storytelling combine in superbly satisfying picture books. Draw up a carrot, and prepare to enjoy ‘Wolfie the Bunny’. 



Wolfie the Bunny

Ame Dyckman, illustrated by Zachariah OHora

(Andersen Press)

‘He’s adorable! He’s ours!’ say Mama and Papa about ‘Wolfie the Bunny‘. Dot isn’t convinced. ‘He’s going to eat us all up!’ Will her family listen? Wolfie likes carrots. Wolfie is a good sleeper. Why can’t Mama and Papa see the danger? Is Dot right? Is ‘Wolfie the Bunny’ a wolf in bunny baby trappings?


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