Wonder Goal!


‘Wonder Goal!’ shares a special moment. A new player on the team, teased in the first instance, is determined to show his skill. HIs position is right, the ball is poised and it’s…. goal! We wait, with our striker, poised and expectant, knowing that everything is determining this will be a goal.

Time passes and the ‘Wonder Goal!’ moment is repeated in a professional match. Michael Foreman recreates the atmosphere,  expectation, thoughts and seconds. It’s a moment experienced by spectators around the world, as Michael Foreman introduces and concludes this perfect sophisticated picture book.

‘Wonder Goal!’ is a ‘forever’ book for every sportsperson, and every reader who appreciates picture books that capture a moment perfectly and almost effortlessly. This is picture book making at its finest.

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Wonder Goal!

Michael Foreman

(Andersen Press)

Wonder Goal!’ seizes upon that moment when the ball is sweet and destined to hit its mark. Alongside the first time team player, and professional striker, the moment is frozen as the reader joins in and waits…


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