Woodland Explorers Club: Benji’s Emerald King


Mr Mattison’s class explore Willow Wish Woods and learn about the natural world in their classes. It’s an area familiar to Benji through his walks with his grandfather and their dog. However he’s astounded to discover a humming, singing sound coming from a tree. What’s more, he’s not the only one to hear it. In fact, six of them are drawn to an enormous tree, a giant, colossus that stirs and enchants them all. It’s this that inspires the group to form  Woodland Explorers. However, it’s the damage they discover upon the tree that focuses them. What has caused it? It seems to deter the natural community from around the tree too. Doesn’t it need this for its survival?

The friends work together to build their bond, and then to forge a plan to help this tree. The name it Emerald King, a fitting tribute to its rich colour and stature.

So what is harming the tree? Then again, can a community be encouraged back so that the tree might soar and sing anew? Not only do we have an adventure, but there’s also a great addition of information, visual clues, maps and diagrams.

Bookwagon is delighted to welcome a new series, from Ewa Jozefkowitz and Gillian Flint, aboard. We suggest Woodland Explorers Club: Benji’s Emerald King is a great choice for readers with stamina, curiosity and a love of the outdoors.

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Woodland Explorers Club: Benji’s Emerald King

Ewa Jozefkowicz, illustrated by Gillian Flint

(Head of Zeus)

Benji, Trix, Shyla, Ajay, Fujiko and Eric form Woodland Explorers Club when they’re drawn to a strange humming in the forest. The group are in Willow Wish Woods with Mr Mattison’s class. It seems to be a Forest School class where pupils are expected to be sketching the trees. However there’s one that draws their attention particularly. In fact, it becomes Benji’s Emerald King.
As the friends examine this tree particularly, they become aware of its damage. Their determination grows to find out the cause. However, they’ll have to use their skills! Then again, their concern about the lack of wildlife about this tree grows. It’s a giant, a colossus, rich in history and a need for a community.
Unlike Benji and his grandfather, Eric and his father are new to the community. However all are as invested int he woods and their health and well being. Thereafter, what is wrong with this beautiful tree? Are there clues they children can spot?
Alongside a nature detective story, Ewa Jozefkowicz, whose books we’ve loved since The Mystery of the Colour Thief, offers an explorer’s map of discoveries. There are facts and clues, information and details that increase the delight and engagement. Altogether, Bookwagon welcomes Woodland Explorers’ Club: Benji’s Emerald King aboard!


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