Word Nerd


Ambrose and his mother have moved a lot since his father died. In fact, as Ambrose’s father died before he was born, Ambrose has moved a lot. Now he’s living in the basement of a Vancouver house, owned by a generous family of Greek extraction. He’s convinced his mother that all’s well at school, he’s making friends, eating only food that she provides so as to avoid anything peanut contaminated- but it’s all a lie. Ambrose’s mother is about to find this out. Will it be the only lie he tells her?

‘Word Nerd‘ is one of my favourite titles, by one of my favourite writing discoveries. I love Ambrose, Cosmo, the Scrabble club… Susin Nielsen is a gifted storyteller ripe for older readers to discover and adore.

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Word Nerd

Susin Nielsen

(Andersen Press)

Word Nerd’ is a triple-word score winner from a UKLA awarded Canadian author. Ambrose’s story will make you laugh, cry and long for more (rather like Ambrose and Mrs E’s baclava!) Bookwagon loves this title. We recommend it highly to older readers.


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