Wowzers! is all about Rabbit, who is desperate to buy a new car.  Eventually, he has saved up enough money to buy his heart’s desire and off he goes…..vroom and Wowzers!  He is instantly in love with his new car, until he sees his friends showing off their cool diggers, flashing fire-engines and amazing sailboats.  For Rabbit, it’s all too much temptation and it’s hard not to try outdoing them.  He decides to adapt his car by adding a scoop, a fire ladder and a sail.

However, has Rabbit got carried away with his new car and forgotten his friends.  When they ask him to help them rescue cat from a precarious position on a bridge, he drives off saying he’s busy.  Will he do the right thing?

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Lou Carter, illustrated by Magda Brol


After saving for ages, Rabbit is finally able to go and buy the new car he’s longed for. Wowzers!  He sets off down the road to show off the car to his friend Bear, but bear has a giant digger!  Rabbit is envious, so he adapts his car with bits and pieces to add a digger shovel.  Off he goes again to show Dog his adapted car.  However, Dog has a fire engine with a huge ladder and hosepipes.  Once again, Rabbit wishes his car could have a giant ladder and water hoses, so he gets together some bits and bobs and does up his car again.
Speeding along the coast road, he encounters Duck, who has a small boat.  Guess what?  Rabbit decides he must redesign his cherished car once more, this time with a sail.  Later, Bear, Dog and Duck ask Rabbit for help in saving, Cat who has got stuck under a bridge, but Rabbit is too busy showing off his car.  Will Rabbit do the right thing?  Surely his super-adapted new car could help rescue Cat?
This is a super picture book about things that go and always being there for your friends.  The bright and jolly illustrations by Magda Brol go well perfectly with Lou Carter’s rhyming prose.


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