Wundersmith: the Calling of Morrigan Crow


Unit 919 of the Wondrous Society swear to be ‘loyal for life’. However within a short time that loyalty is put to the test. Member after member of this small group of Junior Scholars is threatened unless they reveal Morrigan Crow’s secret. The unit holds fast, but the bonds are fragmented. Morrigan Crow is aware she is an outsider, a ‘Wundersmith‘ reviled by the Wondrous Society. She has gained admission because she passed the society’s elite entrance test, and was upheld by her guardian Jupiter North, as revealed in Nevermoor. However her education seems confined to researching the misdeeds of past Wundersmiths; is there any one who broke the mould of terror? Morrigan Crow, is aware of that threads of t Wundersmith Ezra Squall, the most evil of them all,  remain somewhere in the Gossamer around Nevermoor.

Will Unit 919 maintain their pledge? Can Morrigan discover a place within the Wondrous Society? Why are members or the Wondrous Society disappearing? Where is the black market within Nevermoor, and what treasures does it hide? ‘Wundersmith: the Calling of Morrigan Crow’ is an outstanding story, full of mystery, magic, wonder, splendid characters, danger and sleuthing. Although this is a sequel to ‘Nevermoor’ , ‘Wundersmith’ stands on its own, and steps beyond that wonderful title’s boundaries. Step aboard! It’s time to join the crew on Station 919!

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Wundersmith: the Calling of Morrigan Crow

A Nevermoor book

Jessica Townsend


Wundersmith; the Calling of Morrigan Crow‘, for our heroine has passed the test to become a signed up member of the Wondrous Society. This despite her being a Wundersmith, an evil group that threatens the society. Therefore, membership comes at a price.
Morrigan arrives at Station 919, when she passes through the special door of her Deucalion bedroom. The group who join her are her special Unit, ‘loyal for life’, yet most slightly wary of Morrigan.  Morrigan has grown up without friends or family, as detailed in Nevermoor, the opening book of this superb series. She cannot believe that admission to the Wondrous Society affords her Jupiter, Jack,  and now a ready-made group of friends.
However, all is not as wonderful as it might seem. Almost immediately Morrigan enters Proudfoot House to begin training,  there are bizarre incidents, absences, decisions and tests. Why does each of her unit receive threatening letters? Why are members of the Wondrous Society disappearing? Who has arranged Morrigan’s timetable in such a peculiar way that she learns about the horrors of the Wundersmiths only? Is there a Ghastly Market, or is this a rumour only? At every step she is made more aware of how much of a dangerous outsider she and her kind are to the Wondrous Society. Thereafter, does Morrigan Crow merit a place in the Wondrous Society, or will her presence lead it to certain harm?
This second title in the Nevermoor series is outstanding. It’s rare that a sequel lives up to an introductory book, but I assert that ‘Wundersmith: the Calling of Morrigan Crow‘ exceeds hopes and expectations. What an outstanding creation!


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