Yomi and the Power of the Yumboes


What is the power of the moonstone so desperately sought and treasured by Safara? The wounded Yumboe seems to have sought out the help of Yomi and Kayode. It seems that the Power of the Yumboes is under attack from the Beast Hunters. Without the precious stone’s return to the Yumboe city, deep in the Thiés Forest, the Yumboes will be extinguished. Can Yomi and Kayode help?

It’s a dangerous mission. Hot on the pair’s heels are Theodosie and the Beast Hunters. What’s more, the power of the Yumboes is weakened, while the fairy creatures are distrustful of all humans, including Secret Beast League members like Yomi and Kayode. However, the pair know how very special, rare, treasured and magical these creatures are. They are determined to try their hardest!

Bookwagon is delighted to welcome a second adventure for Secret Beast League members, Yomi and Kayode, aboard. We recommend Yomi and the Power fo the Yumboes to all bold adventure loving readers!

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Yomi and the Power of the Yumboes

Davina Tijani, illustrated by Adam Douglas- Bagley

(Little Tiger Press)

Yomi’s determined to learn more about the magical beasts of Africa since she and Kayode were admitted to the Sacred Beast League. However there’s so much to do and so little time. Then again, she and Kayode have attracted attention since their adventure, Yomi and the Fury of Ninki Nanka. It means that their help is in desperately sought by Safara, a wounded, Senegalese Yumboe, a magical fairy. It seems that her secret city, deep in the Thiés Forest, is threatened. Unfortunately, the threat is from Beast Hunters. They seek to steal the most precious possession of the Yumboe for themselves. Where is their light? How does it work? Thereafter, a loss of this light mean the extinction of these magical fairies. Can the brother and sister help?
Davina Tijani and Adam Douglas-Bagley blasted onto Bookwagon’s orbit with the first title in this brilliant series. We love Yomi’s and Kayode’s fascination with African folklore, their dedication to the Uncle Olu. Then again, we admire their courage when it comes to facing off against the Beast Hunters! Can they keep Safara and the moonstone safe? Furthermore, can they restore light to the  Yumbo city within the Thiés Forest? Bookwagon loves and welcomes Yomi and the Power of the Yumboes aboard.


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