You Are 25% Banana


It seems that we share about 60% of our unique DNA recipe with chickens. Then again, we share the same amount with fruit flies! What’s more it seems that You Are 25% Banana. 

Susie Books and Josy Bloggs explain how genes determine how we are made, so that we take half from each parent, and then the mix is made. From the length of our legs and neck, to our hair and eye colour, these ingredients are predetermined. Then again, there are ingredients that we share with other species, including bananas. For example, we share the ability to sing, with birds, and our intelligence with species like dolphins.

The bold pictures and direct information and comparisons make You Are 25% Banana a really accessible, informative and interesting non-fiction book. Bookwagon recommends this title for reading and talking about at home, and then for use and discussion in school, too.

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You Are 25% Banana

Discover the science behind what makes you YOU

Susie Brooks and Jose Bloggs

(Red Shed)

It seems unlikely that You Are 25% Banana,’unless you have yellow peel and taste good with custard‘. However, this book explains how every living thing, from fruit to people, have ‘built in recipes called GENES’. What’s more, bananas and people share one quarter of the same ingredients in our construction.
However, within our individual recipes are all the factors that determine the colour of our hair, the length of our ‘legs (and neck!)… and if we have legs at all or just a stalk’. Then again genes determine how our body works and grows. Yet these ingredients are passed on in equal parts from either of our parents, though some recipes are stronger (or bossier) than others.
We read about the varying numbers of genes in individual species, so that while we have about 25,000, an apple has about 56, 000! Yet we share the same ingredients, from singing, growing teeth, intelligence, for example, with many other living species. Thereafter this informative, crisp and entertaining picture book compares how many genes we share with a number of other life forms.
Like Grow: Secrets of Our DNA, this is an essential title, with facts explained accessibly and in a fun way, so that we take these in, understand, accept and learn! Furthermore, the glossary of information in You Are 25% Banana is a useful and fascinating addition. Bookwagon recommends this science/ STEM title for reading at home and sharing at school.


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