You Are a Champion

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It’s hard to know what’s possible until you start. You have to be able to dream big and be prepared to work hard towards your dreams.  I’ve achieved a lot so far, but it didn’t come in one go; big things rarely happen overnight, and good things rarely happen as if by magic”.

This is how Marcus Rashford MBE introduces his inspirational self help guide.  Here he talks about how he works hard to continuously strive to improve and to support the people close to him and how he works to make a difference.  Not just on the football pitch, but on issues close to his heart.

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You Are a Champion

How To Be The Best You Can Be

Marcus Rashford, written with Carl Anka

(MacMillan Children’s Books)

Marcus Rashford, Manchester United and England footballer, has proven himself a remarkable role model . You Are a Champion is his self-help guide. It seems that it was created with the aim to inspire and develop game-changers and ethical crusaders of the future.
Moreover, this young man talks about how positive thinking might change lives. Furthermore, he offers tips  to build mental resilience.  Alongside this, readers are offered opportunities to navigate adversity and discover the unstoppable power of owning a determined voice. It seems that everyone has the tools required to achieve their dreams.
Marcus Rashford was awarded an MBE for his work fighting child food poverty. He campaigns for vulnerable families to continue to receive free school meals. After all, he recalls the difference this inclusion made to his own family.  It seems his advocacy and drive led to the government overturning their decision to withdraw holiday free school meal provision. Thereafter, in a recent interview, he offered Whenever I Hear No, I Ask Why Not.
However, while Rashford shares his own experience in this title, others, more experienced offer informed guidance. Therefore, journalist Carl Anka constructs the interview content, while performance psychologist Katie Warriner includes practised advice. It means that this title has authenticity, meaning and clout, similar to the examples included in How to Change the World .
Altogether, You Are a Champion includes ideas on how young people might strive to reach a full potential the type ascribed to in education all across the land. However, this is practical guidebook laden with practical tips and infographics.  This footballer aims to use his platform and influence to create positive change.  What’s more, Marcus Rashford has inspired countless others to join him on this mission alongside cementing his status as a role model and national hero.
Winner of the Sainsbury’s Learning and Development Book of the Year award


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  1. Paula Hale

    We have recently bought a couple of copies of this for school. It has been very popular with the children as they can relate to it on so many different levels. Many have chosen it because it is Marcus Rashford, however they have then gone on to share snippets of it and made comparisons with themselves and others. I am sure our pupils would ssy every school needs a copy.

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