You Can’t Count on Dinosaurs!


You Can’t Count on Dinosaurs! it seems, especially when you’re trying to count. You’d think that when another dinosaur joins Brian and Patty that it would make three, wouldn’t you? Well briefly until… ‘Oh naughty REX!’ Maybe another one, then a further dinosaur could join in to make four? It could be a problem if one that four is a MASSIVE one. ‘Watch out, Argy, you silly-o-saurus!’ Could four dinosaurs become five? What’s that? ‘You don’t count because you’re a pterosaur, not a dinosaur?’

You Can’t Count on Dinosaurs! works on so many levels, from the dinosaur- fan to readers who enjoy funny, curious and distracting books. All will feel the urge to account for each dinosaur. Furthermore, they’ll be counting and taking away, or maybe not? Elissa Elwick’s pictures are so bright, quizzical and appealing, while Philip Ardagh’s text is witty and encouraging. Bookwagon suggests this title is destined to become a read together favourite!

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You Can’t Count on Dinosaurs!

An Almost Counting Book

Philip Ardagh Elissa Elwick

(Walker Books)

‘Let’s count dinosaurs!’ Yet, You Can’t Count on Dinosaurs! While Rex may be number One dinosaur, who becomes two when Patty joins him, what happens when a third arrives? Will it make three or ‘Wait a minute! What happened to Brian?’  It seems we’ve returned to TWO dinosaurs unless somebody else comes along. Three dinosaurs, then four, unless, oh no… ‘Poor Patty is very FLAT(-TY)!’ 
Thereafter, we’ve a new arrival! Can you help for this dinosaur says he doesn’t qualify.It seems that he’s a pterosaur, yet ‘Rex can fly and HE’S a dinosaur. It’s all very confusing! What’s more, it seems as though Rex’s flying is not quite what you might expect… ‘Show us, Captain Rex!’ 
Readers expect hilarious antics from the beloved Philip Ardagh, while Elissa Elwick’s pictures are bright, expressive and very funny too. Rather like Counting with Tiny Cat You Cant’ Count on Dinosaurs! upends traditional counting books. Furthermore like that beloved Bookwagon title, it is entrancing, great fun and meant to be shared!


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