You Can’t Take an Elephant on Holiday


You Can’t Take an Elephant on Holiday any more than you should have piranha in your paddling pool! Just think of how an elephant would shove in a queue, while piranha are very likely to feast on your toes…

Then again, armadillos should be discouraged from lending a hand in the sandcastle building competition. It’s certain that your entry would just collapse. Thereafter, there are likely to be collapses should an ostrich come anywhere near an ‘old deckchair‘.

Further advice included in this practical guide to holidaying companions and staff, includes being wary of lending an orang-utan your surfboard. After all, these creatures ‘wont take – long to get the knack/ and you probably won’t get your surfboard back‘…

Alongside Patricia Cleveland-Peck’s outlandish, hilarious and uproariously imaginative rhyming advice, we linger over David Tazzyman’s wonderfully descriptive pictures. What a combination! Bookwagon is overjoyed to present a new edition to a much loved series. We recommend You Can’t Take an Elephant on Holiday to enjoy sharing and laughing over.

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You Can’t Take an Elephant on Holiday

Patricia Cleveland- Peck and David Tazzyman


It seems You Can’t Take an Elephant on Holiday. Just imagine the queue for the ice cream van and then the fact that there’s unlikely to be any left after this creature’s visit! Thereafter consider a cheetah ‘in charge of a camper van’! It seems impossible that this big cat would obey any speed limits! What’s more it’s unwise to have a ‘rhino on a campsite‘. Not only would he put ‘all the tents up completely askew/ He’d get in a mood, he’d get in a rage/ and charge round the campsite on the rampage’! 
Patricia Cleveland- Peck’s rhyming advice is sound. After all, bisons on pedaloes, or ostriches on deckchairs are not great combinations! Then again, just imagine piranha fish in your paddling pool! Alongside these literary warnings, we’ve the opportunity to visualise the likely disasters, thanks to the expressive, elongated, elegant illustrations of David Tazzyman.
You Can’t Take an Elephant on Holiday is a delightful successor to this writer/ illustrators’ You Can’t Take an Elephant on the Bus and You Can’t Let an Elephant Drive a Digger, amongst other books. Bookwagon loves this latest book, recommending it particularly for uproarious reading sharing!


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