“You Live Where?!”


It’s the start of the holiday and the birds are gathered at the poolside, getting to know each other. Yet there’s increasing incredulity as they ask, “You Live Where?!”

Is it possible that the woodpecker comes from Toast, while a barn owl lives in Egg? Could it be that the duck lives in Chicken, while the chicken lives in Duck? As the birds chat, Kookaburra grows increasingly cross. Cuckoo suggests he must live in Anger or even Misery!

What are these places? Are the birds having a (kookaburra) laugh?

With engaging, exaggerated and thoroughly descriptive pictures and the lovely thought of birds on holiday, John Hay and Garry Parsons offer such a fascinating and warm picture book. Rather like “You’re Called WHAT?”, to which this is a natural sequel, “You Live Where?!” is funny and informative. We grow ever more curious and expectant as to the next offering. What’s more, there’s a glossary of place names at the conclusion of the book which leaves us even more incredulous (and informed!)

Bookwagon love “You Live Where?!” and recommends it highly to our picture book readers.

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“You Live Where?!”

John Hay and Garry Parsons

(Pan Macmillan) 

“You Live Where?!” It seems it couldn’t be anywhere as laughable as Nowhere, could it? As the birds gather about the pool, they’re ‘getting to know each other’. Therefore, what of a little penguin who offers that he comes from Nowhere Else? Thereafter, a jackdaw who offers that he resides in Silly? The congregating birds seem incredulous!
Thereafter, a woodpecker says he comes from Toast, while a barn owl claims he lives in Egg! However, could this be believed? Furthermore, why does each offering from Kookaburra make him increasingly agitated?
After “You’re Called WHAT?!” readers are offered the opportunity to enjoy a rich range of residences. Yet how is it possible that chicken comes from Duck, while a duck originates from Chicken? Furthermore, why is the kookaburra who started this conversation so disbelieving? It seems that he must come from somewhere quite ‘usual’ sounding, doesn’t it?
John Hay and Garry Parsons’ picture book is a delight. It offers such reader and conversation appeal, alongside a glossary of place names at its conclusion. Furthermore, the pictures are so elongated, exaggerated and descriptive that we’re delighted to be included. Bookwagon recommends “You Live Where?!” highly to our picture book readers.


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