You Matter


You may be the pest on the dinosaur tail that is too tiny and far out of reach. Yet, You Matter. You may be the astronaut far from home, watching Earth through her telescope, infinitesimal, homesick, yet You Matter. Furthermore, You Matter if you’re the tiny plankton broken from the mass in the waves.

Christian Robinson’s picture book reinforces that every tiny piece of life is matter and thereafter each tiny piece matters. Furthermore, we’re all interconnected. Therefore, the dog off his leash within a city street matters to its owner. Thereafter, the elderly people on the bench matter to each other and to the other visitors to the park. The astronaut matters to the boy reaching out of the window to launch a paper rocket into space. We’re all matter; we each matter. You Matter.

The wordplay, the range of subjects and the illustrations are clever, well chosen and clearly depicted. You Matter is a picture book to be read, shared, discussed and realised. Its subject and its meanings are vital, hopeful and motivating.

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You Matter

Christian Robinson

(Simon & Schuster)

You Matter, from the first to the last, the hello to the good bye. It matters if you’re ‘the small stuff too small to see’ or ‘even when everyone thinks you’re a pest‘. Thereafter if ‘you fall down’ and ‘have to start all over again’, you are something of matter still.
Through aligning the science of matter to the feeling of worth, award-winning writer and illustrator has created a thoughtful, motivational picture book. We consider the scope of matter from the tiniest plankton that swims ‘with the tide‘, against the greatest creatures from ages past now ‘just out of reach‘. Furthermore, we realise that they too suffered pests that matter. It seems that everything is interconnected, that we’re all ‘material’, something that matters! What’s more the allegory of our connection beneath an umbrella is meaningful.
The wordplay alongside the science and values’ message is clever, broad and various. Furthermore, Christian Robinson’s pictures are direct and simple. These make the meaning accessible and undistracted.
After glorious works like Carmela Full of Wishes and Last Stop on Market Street Bookwagon is delighted to welcome another picture book from Christian Robinson. You Matter is a book to read, share, discuss and realise.



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