You, Me and Our Whole Wide World


You, Me and Our Whole Wide World start in the same way. We’re all tiny dots that burst into the world, to gurgle and be fed, changed and tickled. Thereafter, we grew and stood, laughed and played, learned to count and play. What’s more, we made friends, felt sorry and engaged with the world around us.

Bridget Marzo timetables the growth and development of every one of us through her poetic text and moving, changing, positive, white framed pictures. She reminds us that ‘We keep on growing,/ one way or another knowing…/ that/ every single one of us/ is unique/ and yet…/ together’. 

Bookwagon loves this picture book of change, growth and connection that reminds us of our special, united places in the world. We recommends You, Me and Our Whole Wide World for reading together, pouring over alone, sharing, loving and knowing well.

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You, Me and Our Whole Wide World

Bridget Marzo

(Walker Books)

Although there are ‘millions of people‘ on our planet, nobody is exactly the same as any one of us. Although we  ‘were a tiny dot’ that ‘grew and grew’ to a heart beat, we each emerged to begin our life. We each had similar needs, from being held, to fed, and then similar abilities, from wriggling and giggling, dribbling and babbling. Thereafter, we each moved toward taking steps forward…
We might have learned to ride wheels, swing, swim, paddle or climb before counting, chatting, singing and drawing. What’s more, we began to read, while making friends, playing and laughing. However there are sad times too. What’s more…. we continue to grow and change.
Bridget Marzo offers a most beautiful picture book about living, growing, changing and discovering in You Me and Our Whole Wide World. Like If You Come to Earth, it demonstrates how unique each of us is. However, our needs and development are so alike. Then again, we’re reminded that we are all moving together to the beats of our hearts…
Bookwagon suggests You Me and Our Whole Wide World is a perfect choice for reading together, discussing, mulling over, learning from and loving. Furthermore, this would be a treasured book to keep.


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