Young, Gifted and Black


Young, Gifted and Black presents the stories of 52 brave, inspirational black trailblazers from around the world. The subjects track from the historical and familiar, from Harriet Tubman, to Nelson Mandela, to the contemporary, like Michelle Obama. What’s more, each person is afforded biographical details, a banner as to their achievement ahead of an explanation as to their role and success.
Furthermore, every selection features across a boldly decorated page, or double page. It’s as thought they are being celebrated anew!
Bookwagon is delighted to share Young, Gifted and Black with our readers. We consider this an essential title for home and school, for reading and sharing.
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Young, Gifted and Black

Meet 52 Black Heroes From Past and Present

Words by Jamia Wilson, illustrated by Andrea Pippins

(Wide Eyed)

Jamia Wilson and Andrea Pippins curate and present the stories of Young, Gifted and Black people from history and contemporary life. What’s more, they explain how they’ve broken down racial barriers. It seems as though these biographies radiate with purpose and positive energy. Thereafter the personal stories of people who have overcome adversity and prejudice, is powerful and inspiring. Bookwagon appreciates  that the stories are of people from different countries and at varying times, furthermore.
It means that the biographies of subjects from Serena Williams to Solange are featured, from Kofi Annan, Alexandre Dumas to Pele. In fact the selections include every nation, sensibility, talent and strength. What’s more, each subject features on a page, or double page. Their entry includes a banner announcing their achievement before a more fulsome description explains how they are recognised and celebrated.
Young, Gifted and Black merits a place in every home and classroom. Bookwagon considers this, like Black and British: An Illustrated History an essential reference point and inspiration. What’s more, this collection is relevant to every reader, whatever the colour.


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