Your Mind is Like the Sky


Your Mind is Like the Sky’, a vast wonderful space in which there so much potential that we are unaware of most of what is happening. Our thoughts skitter by. Sometimes huge rain cloud thoughts gather. These might threaten to engulf us. We can poke at them, or even dig about to find a cause. Perhaps we could fight them. Yet, huge rain cloud thoughts may not be the only possibility in our minds. What about the ‘white fluffy cloud’ thoughts. Shouldn’t they receive some of our attention? What about focusing on these? What do you discover?

‘White fluffy cloud’ thoughts unleash the sky of possibilities. They help us unburden ourselves from the ‘darker, meaner raincloud thoughts.‘ They enable us to live hopeful lives.

‘Your Mind is Like the Sky’ includes active, relevant text from coach and psychologist Bronwen Ballard. This is perfectly interpreted by acclaimed illustrator and designer Laura Carlin. Her watercolour, ink and crayon pictures suggest the depth of possibilities open to us should we practise the programme included. Bookwagon is proud to recommend and sell this superb book to readers of all ages.


Your Mind is Like the Sky

A First Book of Mindfulness

Bronwen Ballard and Laura Carlin

(Frances Lincoln)- hardback

We have so many thoughts passing through us that we’re unaware of them most of the time. However, what of the raincloud thoughts? Those  that linger? How might you deal with these? Dig them out? Make them bigger and more threatening? Or can you practise so that you notice all the ‘white fluffy cloud thoughts’ as well?
‘Your Mind is Like the Sky’ guides readers through a programme of thinking. This first book of mindfulness is a practical guide that helps us ‘CHOOSE which thoughts to pay attention to.’ 
Bronwen Ballard’s considered, practical text within Laura Carlin’s wide sky pictures of possibility, form a splendid, ‘forever’ enabler for readers of all ages, at home and school.


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