Your SENSE-ational Human Body


Your SENSE-ational Human Body is the ultimate, revealing and surprising guide to the way the human body works.  Everyone knows that we have five senses, yes? Sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch.  But did you know that we have at least another 27 more and the discoveries about senses continue to this day.   If you’ve ever wanted to know why you find broccoli disgusting, or really don’t like going on rollercoasters, or that it’s possible to be able to smell when someone is lying, then this is the book for you.

The text by Emma Young is perfectly complemented by John Devolle’s illustrations and artwork.  This is perfect for any young students wanting to learn more about the human body and how it functions.

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Your SENSE-ational Human Body

A Guide to Your 32 Senses

Emma Young, illustrated by John Devolle


Your SENSE-ational Human Body begins as it means to go on, by stating that humans don’t just have 5 senses, they have 32!  Everybody knows we have smell, hearing, sight, touch and taste, right?  But did you know we have at another 27 senses? This sensational book provides a guide to all 5 plus 27.  Anybody here heard of Proprioception or carbon dioxide sensing? I thought not, but now you know.
We learn of the evolutionary origins of our senses, in the primordial soup at the very beginnings of life on earth. Then the team of Emma Young and John Devolle take us on a journey of how senses work and what each of them are responsible for. The information is revealing and elucidating.  For instance, if you are one of the many people who don’t like rollercoasters, this great book explains the reasons why (all to do with vestibular senses). One of the most remarkable revelations is that the functions of our key five senses are replicated throughout the body.  For example, the kidneys are able to ‘smell’ impurities in the body.
Bookwagon is pleased to stock several books about the human body.  Readers wishing to go further on this particular journey should check out Lists for Curious Kids: Human Body and Anatomicum (Junior edition), also available in the Bookwagon on line store.


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