You’re NOT A Proper Pirate, Sidney Green!


Sidney Green loves going on rip-roaring adventures with his dog, Jemima. Together, they race cars, sail all the way to Africa and build an enormous castle, complete with a moat full of crocodiles. However, Captain Shipshape and his pirate band are NOT happy. ‘You’re NOT a Proper Pirate, Sidney Green!‘ they decide.

They think it’s time for Sidney Green to become a Proper Pirate – right now, not “in a minute”. What will Sidney Green do? He has a competition to enter, a castle to build, a rocket to prepare!

‘You’re NOT a Proper Pirate, Sidney Green‘ is a rollicking great, fun read. The distractions, excuses, inventions and projects that Sidney is busy with delight! We recommend this piratical rumpus, hugely!


You’re NOT A Proper Pirate, Sidney Green!

Ruth Quayle and Deborah Allwright

(Nosy Crow) 

‘You’re NOT a Proper Pirate, Sidney Green!’ demands the message in the bottle from Captain Shipshape. Sidney doesn’t take much notice. He’s too busy preparing for a very important race. What will Captain Shipshape do? Sidney Green should be a proper pirate, shouldn’t he? A macaw? A crew member? Will they convince Sidney Green as to his rightful destiny?


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