You’re Safe With Me


You’re Safe With Me.‘ whispers Mama Elephant. The babies are unsettled. She rocks the babies in her trunk. She tells them not to worry about the wind that puffs seeds from faraway lands. The babies should not fear the thunder groaning beneath the rain’s weight. Returning to the sea, flashing lightning will become shiny stars. The little animals should not worry. They are safe with Mama Elephant.

Chitra Soundar’s poetic text is warm and encouraging. She paints word pictures that light the page. Poonam Mistry’s pictures are magical, almost age-old splendid, rich and mesmerising.

You’re Safe With Me’ is a ‘forever’ book, the perfect bedtime read, baby welcome, comfort and treasure.


You’re Safe With Me

Chitra Soundar & Poonam Mistry

(Lantana Publishing)– hardback

The little ones cannot sleep. The night is stormy and the sky is dark. Mama Elephant rocks the babies in her trunk. ‘You’re Safe With Me‘ she tells them. Yet moving trees and moaning winds frighten the youngsters…

Nominated for the 2019 Kate Greenaway Award


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