Yum Yum!


‘Yum, Yum!’Monkey likes banana./ One after another.‘ What food will Pig choose? What does Rabbit like? Which food makes you declare, ‘Yum Yum!’

Each character featuring in ‘Yum Yum!’ is shown with a big, smiling, open- mouthed face. We can see their food selection through their mouths!There is a before eating and an eating picture over page- ‘Yum Yum!’ 

‘Yum Yum!’ offers opportunity for new readers to join in, comment on the foods and offer their own choices. ‘Yum Yum!’ is an ideal title to share or recite at meal and quiet times.

‘Yum Yum!’ is a really clever, beautifully formed book. It has eye and ear appeal. We are proud to include this title as a reading choice for very young readers.


Yum Yum!

Yusuke Yonezu

(minedition)- board book

‘Yum Yum!Crunch, crunch./ Munch, munch. Yum Yum!’ Spare, rhyming, descriptive text matches bold, black outlined pictures. What will cat like to eat? What about monkey? Each animal included in ‘Yum Yum!‘ offers an cut out, smiling, mouth. How inviting! ‘Yum Yum!’ 


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