A special news correspondent interviews ‘Zanzibar‘. He recognises the crow has an exceptional name, but what else about him is newsworthy? Surely not his mushroom omelettes? Zanzibar cannot come up with an answer, so the lizard reporter leaves without a story.

What can Zanzibar do to become newsworthy? The lizard dismissed his singing. Maybe if he…. lifts a camel with one feather! Zanzibar is convinced this will be the answer! First- find the camel!

After some time travelling, Zanzibar arrives in the desert, and is led by Sidi the fox to a skinny dromedary. Will Zanzibar manage the feat? Can a crow lift a skinny dromedary with just one feather? The lizard isn’t convinced!

Will Zanzibar’s forest wide famous mushroom omelettes survive his distraction and absence! He has a reputation to maintain!

‘Zanzibar’ is a friendly, inventive and really readable early chapter book. It is unpredictable, curious and so charming. Bookwagon recommends this title hugely as a ‘forever’ title that younger, newer, growing in confidence readers, will enjoy wholeheartedly.



Catharina Valckx, illustrations by the author

Translated by Antony Shugaar

(Gecko Press)

A special news correspondent knocks at Zanzibar’s door. He wants to know what makes ‘Zanzibar’ special. Furthermore he wants something exceptional! What might Zanzibar offer? Notwithstanding his mushroom omelettes, Zanzibar is a rather ordinary crow. He has a good singing voice- ‘Caw caw’. However, the news correspondent isn’t convinced. How can Zanzibar convince the lizard that he is an exceptional subject for the newspaper? Could lifting a camel be the answer? Where do camels live?


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