Zippel: The Little Keyhole Ghost


Zippel: The Little Keyhole Ghost is Paul’s unexpected friend. He’s not scared when Zippel emerges from the apartment front door lock, rather intrigued. It seems that Zippel’s lived about the apartment over years. However, he’s as interested in Paul’s world, as Paul is in his.

What’s more, they’re both inspired to stop the changing of locks throughout the building. it seems that the antique locks are the only comfortable sort for Zippel, yet the building management is keen to update them all. Where else might Zippel sleep? Dad’s socks? Paul’s toy train? Then again, what if Zippel’s need for a safe place results in him becoming rather too evident? Maybe learning about the digestion process, or going to school? What’s more, what if Zippel reveals some interesting secrets about other residents within the apartment block, from Mrs Wilhelm’s surprising collection, to Dad’s secret morning behaviour?

Zippel: The Little Keyhole Ghost is an endearing, beautifully imagined, told, translated and presented story. This book is one for sharing at bedtime or in classroom reading, reading alone, and gifting.

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Zippel: The Little Keyhole Ghost

Alex Rühle, illustrated by Axel Scheffler

Translated by Rachel Ward

(Anderen Press)

Paul is intrigued to hear there is ‘Nobody there. Really, truly nobody there’ when he turns the key. in the lock. It seems he’s disturbed something that can float, is as ‘big as the water bottle he takes to school’. What’s more, it has ‘big eyes and a mouth’ and is ‘gleaming white‘. It seems that this is Zippel: The Little Keyhole Ghost.
However, Paul’s ghost has a problem. for the front door lock, his home, ‘practically an antique‘ is being changed. It appears that it’s ‘technically old-fashioned‘ and might be insecure. What’s more, the other locks within Paul’s building are being changed. As more and more old locks disappear, Zippel’s chances of resting comfortably are at risk. What might the pair do? It seems that other places, like Paul’s toy train and then Dad’s socks, are not ideal. Then again, neither is Zippel’s attendance at school ideal.
Therefore how might Paul stop the installation of new door locks through the apartment building? What’s more, who is seeking to discover the apartment ghost?
Alex Rühle offers a really charming, intriguing story for newer chapter book readers. Not only is Paul’s and Zippel’s relationship a joy to realise, but then Paul’s life is interesting. We get to learn about living in a German city apartment, alongside the relationships, and food and school routines. Rather like Hattie, this is a story of the ordinary, although Paul meets and befriends the extraordinary. Bookwagon loves and recommends Zippel: The Little Keyhole Ghost.


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