Zippo the Super Hippo


Zippo the Super Hippo is super according to his friend, Roxi the oxpecker. However Zippo longs for an extra something-something BIG, amazing, exciting! What might it be? Although he’s a superbly able plodder, mud wallower, splishing-sploshing swimmer, Zippo wants something that will make him stand out. Can Roxi help?

It seems like Zippo is in the mood to fly. Although a flying hippo would be BIG, amazing and exciting, it may also be hazardous. It seems like any creature that might be in Zippo’s flight path should be forewarned!

So where does Zippo end up? What might his superpower, if any, be? It’s a rip-roaring ride to discovery in this wonderfully entertaining picture book wherein we experience laughs, anticipation, spills and thrills. Kes Gray and Nikki Dyson are a super powered picture book making team, and Zippo the Super Hippo is a super powered delight!


Zippo the Super Hippo

Kes Gray and Nikki Dyson

(Pan Macmillan)

Zippo the Super Hippo doesn’t really have a super power. Although Roxi the oxpecker thinks Zippo is super, Zippo longs to have a super power that is ‘Something exciting! Something amazing! Something Big!’ However,  what might that be? Furthermore, might it be that Roxi can help Zippo? Thereafter, could Zippo’s super power be something to do with plodding or getting muddy? Perhaps there could be splishing, sploshing or swimming? Or could it be flying… A flying hippo! How super!
However, how might a hippo fly? Furthermore, surely you’d have to ensure proper preparations, including considering where you fly and thereafter where you might land? We readers have experience of this after all. Just think of The Littlest Bandit! Then consider the good advice offered in Fly Tiger Fly.
Kes Gray and Nikki Dyson are a top team. Bookwagon loves the direct humour and will excitement offered in their “You’re Called WHAT?!” Like that picture book, Zippo the Super Hippo is funny, imaginative, twisty-turning, bold and fulfilling. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome this picture book aboard!


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