I love that feeling of being completely submerged by a story. Currently, I’m reading through the incomparable Sally Gardner’s ‘Fairy Detective’ series, with a view that all the titles should be included in our bookstore. It’s the Bookwagon way to ensure that every book measures up to its premise.

Often the best way seems to be to ‘latch’ onto a reading series. It may be all the work of one particular author,  or through a series such as ‘Harry Potter’. It may even be through a series that parents loved as a child and hope their child will love too.

Sometimes it’s worth considering reading themes, i.e., what sort of genres does your child like to read? Stories from the past? Funny stories? Adventure stories? What does she or he NOT like? Or does your child need a change? Has she or he tried poetry, or non-fiction? Has your child looked through some of the outstanding sophisticated picture books that are making the reading world spin?

When we initiated Bookwagon, a former colleague asked me why we did not stock Michael Morpurgo’s works. Michael Morpurgo is a prolific author, very well known and widely read. We were keen to source the best and most unread titles by Michael Morpurgo;. Yesterday we offered our first discounted package of his lesser known myths and legends- ‘heroes’ series-  to customers.

Some years ago, I was at a reception when one of  these titles was first released to the public. A member of the audience asked the mighty Michael Morpurgo whether he considered Oliver Cromwell a legendary hero; the whole launch was derailed, amusingly and unforgettably. However, I have thought henceforth, ‘who could be included in addition to these three?’ Any suggestions? https://bookwagon.co.uk/product/michael-morpurgo-myths-legends-collection/

We have been inviting young readers to preview new titles. Some of their recommendations can be found in our bookstore. However, others have fed back that the books they read for Bookwagon did not meet our objective of ‘quality children’s books.’ I hope that the titles they are reading now may meet this criteria, for they, like all keen readers, relish the satisfaction of a really good book.

Meanwhile, take a look at our bookstore for unvarnished recommendations by two of our reputable readers, who’ve caught the reading bug, and know a great book when they read one. https://bookwagon.co.uk/product/cogheart/