Talking About Reading

After years in education, and a background in children’s literature, with English, reading, curriculum and senior responsibilities, Bronnie Mayho created Bookwagon. Her priority is a desire that every child might become a reader, somebody who finds the ‘possibilities and sustenance through a lifetime reading habit.’

Bookwagon offers schools and institutions the opportunity to hear Bronnie speak informatively about such matters as:-

  • How to build a reader for life
  • A reading for pleasure habit
  • The role of picture books
  • ‘Reluctant’ reading
  • Maintaining reading momentum through the years
  • How to extend your reader’s range
  • Reading levels, grades and other markers
  • Books you never knew about but need to!
  • The role of storytelling
  • Reading for writing

Bookwagon is happy to share a selection of titles with your audience.