Thanks so much for your lovely message and for everything that you do with Book Wagon. Yourself and Bob are much cherished in our booky world and I personally really appreciate everything that you do. David Litchfield, author and illustrator

So well chosen

I have been meaning to drop you an email all week to say thank you for our recent book order. The books are beautiful and obviously well chosen by yourselves. I have even talked the head into a little revamp of the library so that we can display them properly! Ms GH, Teacher, Wiltshire

Massive hit!

Just a quick message to say the books arrived and have been a massive hit! O**** was so excited when he realised he could use the book to make actual experiments. Thank you so much! Ms EB, teacher, Buckinghamshire

Great school book fair

Yesterday a parent came over to tell me how impressed she was by the book fair and that you did a fabulous job of selling the books to the children first... she spent £50!  Another Mum had loads of  positive comments too.  Would you like to book a date to return next year around the same time? Ms JT, Teacher, Somerset

Fabulous descriptions

Your words, like your reviews, bring books to life and give them a voice before the front cover is even turned. I couldn't resist (buying) these particular titles and now I'm even more keen, thank you! I love how you always have books in stock that are unique and I have not seen anywhere else: it feels like being allowed into a selected audience discovering precious gems.
Thank you so much for being such an enthusiastic, passionate, guiding,  brilliant presence on Twitter and in the world of books advocate and sellers!

Mrs BV

Care and attention

With the gift book subscriptions I love the fact that you personally choose books for **** each month as I know they are chosen with care and attention and that means so much.

Mrs TC, Hertfordshire


Our school received some super exciting post today from @bookwagonuk So, SO kind of you! There’s already a waiting list in my class to read it (after me, obviously). Can’t recommend this fantastic company enough.



Thank you so much @bookwagonuk for my beautiful horde of books. Your collection of graphic novels is superb! Definitely check these guys out! (via Twitter)

Miss JB


In my little tour of independent bookshops, I’ve landed at the wonderful @bookwagonuk. Thank you Bronnie for today’s treasure of gorgeous, diverse and impactful books! I’ll be back...(via Twitter)

Mrs V

Fuelling a love of reading

@bookwagonuk came to my school and just amazing at fuelling a love of reading and also provide a fabulous subscription service! (via Twitter)

Miss EP


Thank you as always to the amazingly generous and knowledgeable @bookwagonuk. Brilliantly recommended books and lots of donations for the school library. (via Twitter)

Miss AN

Hand written notes

The hand-written postcards from @bookwagonuk make receiving books even more special. More books for the library at school to share (via Twitter)

Miss LH

Jumping with excitement

My 9 year-old was jumping with excitement at her @bookwagonuk delivery, and when she got to the bottom she shouted ‘there’s even a bookmark!’. Made her day! (via Twitter)

Kate Mallinder

Champion bookseller!

Thank you for all your championing - where would we be without you fab passionate booksellers? (Via Twitter)

Vashti Hardy

Great service as always!

My class loved reading the books @bookwagonuk sent to this afternoon. Great service as always! (Via Twitter)


Children love their parcels each month

The books you select for her are very much at the right level. Both of the children love getting their parcels each month (Mrs E T, Berkshire)

Mrs E T
Parent and teacher, Berkshire

Great subscription service

It’s another Bookwagon day in our house. The kids were so excited to get their latest books in the post. If you need present ideas for your little ones, you should consider buying a subscription from Bookwagon. An independent online children bookshop that sells “forever books”. It was started by an amazing lady Bronnie Mayho. Bookwagon Limited. (Mrs T E, Hertfordshire)

Fantastic independent bookseller

It’s a fantastic independent book seller that will actually be responsive and select appropriate books for you. Always packed beautifully and offering unusual books at a competitive price.  (Mrs D J R, parent and teacher, Hertfordshire)

Mrs D J B
Parent and Teacher, Hertfordshire

Huge thanks

Huge thanks for the books for today’s event. Once again I’m passing on such excellent feedback on your service. I think the comment was : ‘ Bronnie was as brilliant as you said she’d be’! Huge thanks to you. (Ms E C, award-winning children’s author)

Ms E C
Children’s author, Somerset

Thanks for being fantastic!

You guys are such a force for good and I am a passionate supporter of Indie booksellers, so I'm so happy this worked out well (I'd love to know how many books were sold if you have it to hand - it felt like quite a lot!).   You guys were so fab and Dawn was such a lovely presence in the schools - I will absolutely be in touch next time I'm in your neck of the woods.  I haven't charted out my visits for the summer term, but I'm sure there are several in the south) and thanks so much for being so fantastic! (Ms M E, award-winning children’s author, Dorset)

Ms M A E
Children’s author

Helpful and passionate

Would you mind sending a message to the booksellers? I thought Bookwagon were so helpful and passionate about the books. Such a good selection of quality literature. I was thoroughly impressed. (Mrs S D, parent, Richmond)


I was at my last school for 4 years and we had ********* book fairs every term – and every term, I was disappointed by the narrow range of books. Yes, we got a slightly larger commission but I honestly struggled choosing books from their range! They would also only drop off a case of books and leave us to run it – it was so lovely to have you on hand to chat to the children and recommend them books, as well as the small (but appreciated!) touches such as having the books presented so nicely on the tables! (Ms S B, Oxfordshire, Teacher)

Ms S B
Teacher, Oxfordshire

Wonderful Day

It was a wonderful day and the children truly enjoyed the book sale at the heart of it. Your selection was perfect for our children and what really made the difference was your ability to engage with each child, discuss their interests and help them to choose a suitable book based on your extensive knowledge of the books you were selling. There was just the right amount of choice to suit everyone without being overwhelming and I received comments from parents and staff about the quality of books offered compared to previous sales which have always been based around current crazes and well known celebrity authors.  (Ms M H, head teacher, Oxfordshire)

Mrs M H
Headteacher, Oxfordshire


We are very grateful for your continued support; we are incredibly lucky to have you as our #bookbuddy and now lots of other schools can benefit from your support and advice via CLPE  (Miss AN, head teacher, North London)

Miss A N
Head Teacher, Middlesex

Fantastic experience

This experience has been fantastic primarily for the children, the school and also for me (professionally).  Many thanks again for your kind words and support. We would really like to work with Bookwagon again and hope to do so in the not too distant future.(Mr EO, teacher, Ipswich)

Mr E D
Teacher, Ipswich

Organisation is fantastic

Your organisation is fantastic and you have definitely fulfilled your objective with our children. We really are looking forward to having you back soon. (Mr EO, teacher, Berkshire)

Mr E O

Very generous

We found the commission very generous and would have you back with or without this benefit! (Ms JL, librarian, West Midlands

Super talks

How super were the talks today!? Lovely book selection! Bronnie is so lovely with the boys and we also felt that having a man enthusing about the books set a great example. That was a MUCH better quality of fair and I am sure the sales will go well. (Ms RC, teacher)

Ms R C

Smooth and professional

I wanted to say a very heartfelt thank you for today. It was such a pleasure to meet you both, and I really appreciated how smoothly and professionally you ran everything. (L. F., award winning children’s writer)

Ms L F
Children’s writer

A joy to work with…

Thank you both for such a splendid trip. So well organised! The school were very impressed with your service. You’re a joy to work with!  So happy to recommend you 

Emma Carroll
Author, “The Somerset Tsunami” and many more

Really stupendous

I hope we’ll get to work together again before too long. D_ H_  school really was stupendous - honestly one of the very best events I’ve ever done. So, no, you’re not “another agency” but only because you’re more and better. 

Dave Shelton
Author, ‘The Book Case’ and many more