I Was A Rat! (or The Scarlet Slippers) by Philip Pullman (Corgi Yearling)

Philip Pullman’s development from ‘Cinderella’ is a very funny story of page boy, Roger, who, turns up unannounced on the doorstep of a cobbler and his wife, one night. Roger claims to have been a rat before changing into a boy. Much of the humour comes about through Roger’s introduction to human life.

We enjoy an entertaining series of adventures in school, with the ‘Philosopher Royal’ and in a travelling circus-cum-freak show, toward a highly satisfying conclusion.

Pullman partly narrates the tale through the use of mocked-up front pages from ‘The Daily Scourge’ – a device which enables him to poke fun at the tabloid media and society’s attitudes to celebrity. The book conjures up powerful imagery; little wonder that the story has been filmed for television and produced on the stage.

Pullman is one of our very best writers for children; his “His Dark Materials” trilogy regarded as a classic, his adult books acclaimed, including his award winning ‘Grimm Tales’. Pullman’s readers are guaranteed a quality experience.

This book will delight children through its great characters, amusing dialogue and his skilful involvement of familiar fairy tales. ‘I Was a Rat’ will entertain adult readers too, with its satirical references to modern life. All told, this is a great selection,guaranteed to hook a newly confident readers with confident storytelling. Bob https://bookwagon.co.uk/product/i-was-a-rat/