They All Saw a Cat by Brendan Wenzel (Chronicle Books)

‘The cat walked through the world, with its whiskers, ears and paws……’ what do they see? From the child, to the dog, to the fish to the frog, each sees the cat. We see the cat too, as it travels. But what do we see? What do each of the characters see? Finally, what does the cat see, when it comes ‘to the water’?

This outstanding picture book offers such rich opportunities to really observe, compare, explore and refine. It offers wonderful opportunities to read along, to memorise and share, question, and reread. I can imagine an emergent reader, pointing to the words, determining the text, building vocabulary, hand to eye co-ordination, a range and a reading joy. Meanwhile, the  illustrations are intricate, varied and wonderful.

They All Saw a Cat is an essential book; for bedtime and to every reader. Bronnie