Great subscription service

It’s another Bookwagon day in our house. The kids were so excited to get their latest books in the post.
If you need present ideas for your little ones, you should consider buying a subscription from Bookwagon. An independent online children bookshop that sells “forever books”. It was started by an amazing lady Bronnie Mayho. Bookwagon Limited. (Mrs T E, Hertfordshire)

Fantastic independent bookseller

It’s a fantastic independent book seller that will actually be responsive and select appropriate books for you. Always packed beautifully and offering unusual books at a competitive price.  (Mrs D J R, parent and teacher, Hertfordshire)

Huge thanks

Huge thanks for the books for today’s event. Once again I’m passing on such excellent feedback on your service. I think the comment was : ‘ Bronnie was as brilliant as you said she’d be’! Huge thanks to you. (Ms E C, award-winning children’s author)

Thanks for being fantastic!

You guys are such a force for good and I am a passionate supporter of Indie booksellers, so I’m so happy this worked out well (I’d love to know how many books were sold if you have it to hand – it felt like quite a lot!).   You guys were so fab and Dawn was such a lovely presence in the schools – I will absolutely be in touch next time I’m in your neck of the woods.  I haven’t charted out my visits for the summer term, but I’m sure there are several in the south) and thanks so much for being so fantastic! (Ms M E, award-winning children’s author, Dorset)