All Through the Night


All Through the Night people go about their work. They might be police on duty like Hassan or Amina, or midwife Fiona, welcoming a new baby into the world.

Then again, they might be cleaning city offices, like Sammiy or keeping the offices secure through watching the computer cameras, like Giorgio. Meanwhile, Jonny, Dot and Isaac ‘fix problems on the train tracks‘, while ‘Luigi bakes at night so his bread can be fresh and warm for people’s breakfasts’… 

It seems that all across the world, there are people who work All Through the Night. Polly Faber and Harriet Hobdy offer a refreshing portrait of a variety, inviting us into their efforts and beautiful night lit settings.

Bookwagon loves this informative, enticing picture book and recommends it to readers at home and school, for poring over, thinking about and realising.

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All Through the Night

People Who Work While We Sleep

Polly Faber and Harriet Hobday

(Nosy Crow)

Do you know about some of the people who work All Through the Night? It might be someone like Sammy who ‘cleans offices‘. It’s easier for her to do that job in the nighttime, ‘when nobody else is there‘. Yet it seems that Giorgio is in ‘the office‘ keeping ‘the building safe through watching the ‘computer screens and checking every floor’.
Who else might we see?
There’s Hassan and Amina, on duty police, and Kisi a ‘news reporter‘ working throughout the night so that people know ‘all the important news when they wake up’. Yet there is also a saxophonist in a dance band, and Eva, selling hot pies to the people who go to watch the band. Maybe she’ll take deliveries from Ravi, like Dylan and Ruby do. They fill the grocery store shelves with the foods Ravi delivers.
Polly Faber describes a vibrant and real nighttime scene, so that we absorb the settings, feel the movement and purpose. What’s more, everyone is so beautifully depicted by Harriet Hobday. These night lit scenes are warm and inviting; we read the signs and empathise with the people. Altogether, it makes this such an accessible and respectful story that is important to know and appreciate.
Bookwagon loves this book and recommends it to readers at home and school. Like the series which includes How to Be a Vet, there is a depth of research and understanding that makes this a really quality piece. All Through the Night is ideal for sharing, poring over and then thinking about also.


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