Kai and the Monkey King


‘Kai and the Monkey King‘ will fight the beast overwhelming the village. First, however, Kai must break the golden seal of the underwater Dragon King to release the Monkey King from his imprisonment. The Monkey King says ‘any powerful adventurer could do [this] in their sleep….’ 

The Monkey King is imprisoned because of his desire to eat enough of the Jade Emperor’s peaches to grant eternal life. Can he be trusted? Kai is bored with her adventuring mother’s careful research of mythical traditions. She wants action! The Monkey King can offer that, yet his motivation seems entirely selfish. Meanwhile, Wen, Kai’s mother, faces the village beast, alone…

Bookwagon is delighted to welcome the third title of Joe Todd-Stanton’s Brownstone’s Mythical Collection. The storytelling is deft, descriptive, respectful and exciting, It is urged along by this outstanding picture book maker’s  eloquent, assured illustrations.

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Kai and the Monkey King

Brownstone’s Mythical Collection

Joe Todd- Stanton

(Flying Eye Books)

Settle back for Professor Brownstone is preparing to share ‘Kai and the Monkey King‘, the latest story from the Brownstone family tree. Our professor has a ‘small and humble peach pit’ as evidence of the authenticity of his tale.
As Brownstones, mother and daughter, Wen and Kai, travel across the lands documenting myths and legends. However, Kai is weary of her mother’s research. She longs for adventure. News of attacks from a terrible beast draw Wen and Kai to a village to help. While Wen takes time to prepare her attack, Kai grows bored. She wants to attack the beast now! Her restlessness leads to banishment from her mother’s research, and thereafter her discovery of an ancient scroll…
‘Kai and the Monkey King’ is the story of Kai’s first solo expedition, when she breaks away from her mother, to take on the challenge of the beast with the help of the Monkey King. This trickster has been imprisoned within the Buddha palm. His desire for the eternity promised by the Jade Emperor’s peach tree suggests untrustworthiness. Should Kai entrust him with a role in her fight against the tormenting village beast?
Joe Todd-Stanton’s Brownstone’s Mythical Collection- Arthur and the Golden Rope and Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx have been deservedly acclaimed. To reinvent classical myths in graphic form, within the closet of a family tree, is ingenious and captivating.


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