Me and My Fear


Me and My Fear‘ are close. My Fear is protective of me. It inhibits me also, especially when there is a major change, like moving country.

My Fear precludes me from making friends, responding, playing, sleeping or even taking mistakes on the chin. While My Fear grows, so does isolation and resentment.

Will anyone realise that Fear needs breaking down?

Through creating Fear as a real character. multi-award winning picture book maker, Francesca Sanna enables readers to realise it as a pulsating reality. Fear is an asset for it is ‘protective’. Yet, it also entraps, as the writer shows so clearly.

‘Me and My Fear’ is a masterly picture book. It merits reading in homes and schools, so that the message is understood, clear and supported. Once again, Francesca Sanna has shown in picture book form, reality for so many people.

Francesca Sanna- The Journey

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Me and My Fear

Francesca Sanna

(Flying Eye Books)– hardback

‘Me and My Fear’ enjoy a close, undivided relationship. My Fear keeps me safe, yet change has made My Fear grow. It prevents opportunities for exploring, making friends or accepting mistakes. It interferes with sleep. Multi-award winning picture book maker Francesca Sanna, has created a story with which every reader will empathise in ‘Me and My Fear’. 

Francesca Sanna, winner of the Klaus Flugge Prize, UKLA Prize, shortlisted for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal 2017 and awarded the Amnesty CILIP Honour 


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