How the Sun Got to Coco’s House


‘It had to start somewhere…’ We follow the sun’s journey from behind a hill, across the giddy water, into the eye of a whale and up the beach. It makes shadows, follows footsteps, glints on aeroplane wings, awakens snow cats, makes rainbows, leaps whole countries, glances in office windows, until it arrives at Coco’s house.Fut

The language is vast, lyrical, magical and captivating, while the accompanying, watercolour rich pictures suggest the wide scope, the journey and might of the sun.

I read this to a Reception class who watched, slack-jawed, completely entranced by the sun’s journey. I recommend it wholeheartedly as a read-aloud, a book to treasure for young readers aged from three, and older readers too.

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How the Sun Got to Coco’s House

Bob Graham

(Walker Books)

Readers are invited to join the bright shaft of sunlight on its journey around the world. It seems it is about to alight at Coco’s house. Yet, what has it seen already? Where has it travelled? Could this be Coco upon which the sunlight shines. It seems as though this sunlight began behind a hill. Thereafter it’s seen a whale’s eye amongst other things. Furthermore, this sunlight can make shadows and glint across landscapes. Therefore, what might the sunlight do when it discovers Coco’s house?This sunlight has edged from pole to pole, from dance to dance.
How the Sun Got to Coco’s House is recommended to readers of all ages. Bookwagon suggests that this picture book would be an outstanding winter bedtime reading selection. While we love the works of Bob Graham from Max to Ellie’s Dragon, there is something all encompassing, hopeful, communal in this beautiful book. How the Sun Got to Coco’s House is outstanding, memorable and very special.


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