The Fate of Fausto


Fausto seeks to show his dominance. He steps out to demand the flower, tree, sheep, mountain and lake that they are his. He stamps his foot when they do not bow down to him.

Fausto takes to the sea. He demands this entity admits it is owned by Fausto. ‘How can you love me when you do not understand me?’ the sea asks Fausto. Fausto denies this, but the sea knows Fausto is lying. Fausto decides that he ‘will show [the sea] who is boss.’ What happens when Fausto steps onto the sea to stamp his foot?

‘The Fate of Fausto‘ is created so that the text runs over pages, and the bold, rich, white framed pictures are contextual and fluent. This is an eminently superior book, careful, considered and weighted with meaning. Bookwagon is proud to recommend such a wonderful, ‘forever’ book to readers of ALL ages.


The Fate of Fausto

A Painted Fable

Oliver Jeffers

(Harper Collins)– hardback

What is ‘The Fate of Fausto’? It begins with a man ‘who set out to survey what was his’. Does he own everything? The flower, the sheep and the tree agree to Fausto’s ownership. While the tree bows down to Fausto’s ownership, it takes a while for the lake to hear him. However Fausto’s voice is mighty. Thereafter, he breaks the mountain’s resistance; he bows down to Fausto’s supremacy.
What happens when Fausto takes to the sea? Fausto wants more than a mountain, a lake, tree, sheep and flower. ‘Sea, you are mine,’ he declares. However the sea knows that Fausto does not love it, does not understand it? What will happen when Fausto steps beyond his lies ‘to show his anger and importance’? 
Oliver Jeffers is engaged by the world. He describes the making of ‘The Fate of Fausto’ in this piece with the Irish Times:- The Making of the Fate of Fausto. Following his acclaimed Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth, this multi award- winning picture book maker seeks to extend its themes of inclusivity and positivity. ‘The Fate of Fausto‘ is the superb result.


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