The Odyssey


A party sent by King Menelaus asks Odysseus to honour a promise to help, should he be required. Menelaus wants Odysseus to rescue Helen from Troy. Odysseus’ contentment upon the island of Ithaca irks the gods. He realises this is his moment to win their approval.

Taking leave of Ithaca, his wife and son, Odysseus cannot know that it will be twenty years before he returns. From Troy, ‘The Odyssey’ takes our hero to Ismarus, to battle with the Cyclops, bear the vengeance of Poseidon and break the faith of Aeolus. Odysseus is supported by Athena against the menace of Circe, fights the lure of the Sirens, is lashed by the rage of Zeus and spurns the attention of Calypso.

‘The Odyssey‘ retells a story told through centuries, of heroes, villains, gods and goddesses, rages and wars. Jan Pieńkowski and David Walser have reimagined the saga wonderfully. The bold pictures, snippets of verse and dynamic storytelling offer a gripping recreation of a classic.


The Odyssey

Jan Pieńkowski and David Walser


‘The sun was low; the sultry air/ Was almost more than he could bear./ A thunder roll foretold that strife/ Would soon disturb this peaceful life.’  So, ‘The Odyssey’ begins. When Odysseus honours his promise to King Menelaus and agrees to help rescue Helen from Troy, a legendary story is born. Odysseus leaves his ‘perfect life’ for a journey unlike any other. These stories have been told over centuries, yet Jan Pieńkowski and David Walser recreate them convincingly and completely.


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